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Alandalus Scientific Research Journal

The Publications of Alandalus Scientific Research Journal

Alandalus journal is an elaborate and scientific journal for publishing scientific researches.

First - General Rules

Researches, on the various fields of humanities, are published in two languages (Arabic and English) if such researches meet the following conditions:

  • The research paper has to be authentic and it has to satisfy the scientific research norms, which are established based on research methodology familiar and followed by researchers when writing scientific researches.
  • The language of the research paper has to be correct,  taking into account spelling mistakes, if found. It must be written using (IBM) system, typed in  Traditional Arabic font, 16-point  font size, that the number of the research pages must not exceed (30 pages) including margins and references. 
  • References have to be precisely used and documented, in a way that starts with the author's sure name (family name) then his/her other names (the first letter of each name is enough), and the affiliated authors, if available; after that the year of  research publishing, the research topic, name of the publishing journal,  publishing place, volume and pages number.     
  •    The research paper shall not be already published  by any other journal. 


Second – Publishing Procedures:

The unit seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • Two hard copies of the research,  printed on A4 size paper – one side with a double space lines, and another soft copy saved on a CD supports IBM system; to be sent on the journal address, provided that the researcher's name, scientific tile, and place of work are included on the cover of the  research paper.
  • An abstract of no more than (100-150 words), written in both Arabic and English languages, has to be attached with the research paper.   
  • The researcher is informed with the suitability of research paper for publication, the date of publication and the issue number of the journal in a maximum period of two months, commencing as of the date of receiving the research paper.
  • In case that the panel members suggest some modifications to a research paper, the research is returned to the researcher to make the required modifications, to be given back to the journal in a maximum period of one month.   
  • The journal has the right to return the research to its owner, if needed to make some changes in it.
  • The researcher has the right to be  notified about the publication acceptance.  
  • The journal undertakes to send a copy of the published issue to the owners of the published researches after printing the issue.  
  • Publication rights go to the journal.